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Total Loss?


Pack OUT?



When a loss occurs it is usually involves not only the structure but also the personal property contained within the structure.  These items are referred to as contents and are covered under your policy as a separate coverage. The personal property items fall within two categories.  The first category would be those items determined to be a  total  loss  since they cannot be cleaned or repaired.  These items must be replaced and this can be the most difficult portion of the claim for you as the insured.  CrossCheck will count all total loss items and have these items priced for your review.  Having done this for many years, we have the expertise and the staff to accommodate this process in the shortest time possible.    For a residential fire, it is not unusual to have over three or four thousand items counted and priced.  Everything has value and nothing should be thrown away.


In the next category are the content items that are restorable.  These items would also have to be counted and removed from the loss location.  There are numerous companies with whom we have worked over the years who proved quality service.  Each item would be wrapped, counted and removed from the property to a safe location where restoration can be completed.  This may involve only cleaning of clothes or fabric items or may require refinishing of furniture.  An inventory of the items taken will be prepared and given to you as the insured so you will know exactly what has been taken from your home and when the contents are returned you may inspect and verify the condition of all items restored or cleaned.  This would also hold true for a commercial loss where salvage maybe considered for items such as carpeting or various products sold by the owner of the business.  We will help you to select a pack-out company to remove your salvageable personal property and work closely with you and with the company to make sure everything that needs to be restored is restored properly and paid for by your insurance carrier. Without CrossCheck you would be responsible to present your claim.